A Journey Filled With Passion

Some journeys are designed in accordance with desires and expectations, carefully thought through to the smallest detail, every second is meticulously crafted, waiting to turn into an unforgettable adventure full of pure happiness and hyper pleasure...

AIDA Tailor Made Travelling is the unique architect of these journeys. Our biggest passion is to provide a travel experience beyond expectations. Just as you wish, however, better than you wish.

So how did AIDA’s journey start?

The origin was the heart of Adviye Bergemann, founder, and CEO of the company. While working as a senior manager in the tourism sector for many years, this journey started with a passion that sprouted in her heart… In 2003, she showed the courage to do something that had not been done in the travel industry in Turkey and to open up completely different paths. She took the steps that were not taken before for “happiness” filled travel experiences as the meaning of the word AIDA.

When her baby was born, she continued to show the same love, dedication, and care to AIDA, whom she saw as her baby. Because she knew very well that; you should be as dedicated to your dreams as you are to your baby. With the power of this devotion, no hardships could stop her.

The luxury tourism fair held in Cannes 20 years ago was an important destination for this journey of growth. But her budget was not enough to go to the fair, she could only go to Cannes. Trusting the guidance of her heart, she decided to wait at the gate of the fair and exchange business cards with a bouquet of flowers. Who could say no to such a beautiful delicacy?

She was gifted a cartoon named “Everything started with a bouquet of flowers” by a cartoonist who noticed this beauty, at this point she realized that the passion that had sprouted in his heart had now blossomed. If we are the representative of Turkish hospitality around the world today, it is thanks to this adorable passion.