There is a lot to experience and share in Istanbul. Are you ready to explore this magic city?

Straddling the Bosphorus, its skyline studded with domes and minarets, Istanbul is one of the truly great romantic cities. Its history tracks back from Byzantium to Constantinople to its place at the head of the Ottoman Empire. Today it is Turkey's irresistible cultural heart and one that you will want to visit again and again.

In this sprawling, continent-spanning city you can stroll through the streets where crusaders and janissaries once marched; admire mosques that are the most sublime architectural expressions of Islamic piety; peer into the sultan's harem; and hunt for bargains in the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul is a cultural mosaic, a heady mix of the hip and the classical, the ultramodern and the ancient; discover this great intercontinental city! Whether you want to shop for carpets, behold architectural treasures, catch a Bosphorus ferry or smoke a 'Nargileh', ask us and we will arrange it for you.

The setting sun illuminates the city like a painting every evening. The candle- like silhouettes of the mosques rise above the historical peninsula to greet the city while the sun and the moon salute each other as the day turns into night. Right at that moment you will feel like a sultan in the cradle of civilizations.

After enjoying a comprehensive tour of the city’s unparalleled beauty and cultural richness you can then sample the delights of Istanbul’s nightlife.  It is possible to discover this impressive variety of choice in Istanbul’s night life. Istanbul is a city of constant movement, twenty-four hours a day.  It only remains for you to choose among the many alternatives.

Bridging two continents, this unique city, where one can encounter people from different countries and witness diverse cultures merging in harmony, will awaken you and leave you wanting more.